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Lorde Captures Audience with Unique Lyrics, Instrumentals

Gabby Gomez, Reporter

November 17, 2013

Filed under Music

Sixteen-year-old Ella O'Connor, known to the world as Lorde, released an album called “Pure Heroine.” She is most known for her hit single, “Royals” which has dominated the charts. With a hit as unique as her voice, I exp...

Music Review: ‘Shi no Barado’

Rylan Andersson, Reporter

May 22, 2013

Filed under Music

Area 11 has recently released a new single, entitled “Shi no Barado.”  It was released on the April 27 and within a day reached Britain's top 200 list.  It was the band’s first time collaborating with another artist. “Shi...

K-Pop Hits Worldwide

K-Pop Hits Worldwide

October 31, 2012

Music Review: Skrillex Renovates Music for Future

April 19, 2012

Filed under Music

Complete bliss is what I feel when I hear the amazing bass, and startling beats of Skrillex. Skrillex is a revolutionary music artist who performs the art of Dubstep perfectly. He changed music for the rest of our lives because...

Music Review: Survival Story

Samuel Harper, Reporter

September 7, 2011

Filed under Music

Flobots’ newest album, Survival Story, continues their wide range of hip-hop influenced sounds. The album contains elements of many genres, from rock, to blues, to rap, and more. All of these influences give Survival Story ...

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