Artist Speaks On Real World Issues with Latest Album K-12


K-12 is Melanie Martinez’s second studio album.

Erik Guerra, Reporter

K-12 is a new album by Melanie Martinez, which consist of 13 songs. Martinez had been on a four year hiatus since her debut album CryBaby, which was the start of her story in 2015.  K-12  is an album about being in school, with  each song representing a grade. The album starts off with having a nice playful song “Wheels On The Bus” which is for kindergarten,  and concludes with“Recess,’ which represents senior year of high school. 

The K-12 album was released on September 6, 2019 and many of Martinez’ fans were excited when she dropped her live stream movie, which is 1 hour and 32 minutes. The movie talks about a lot of real life problems that are happening in many lives of young adults.   

Some of the things Martinez talks about in her songs include liking the way you look, as in your facial features, height, and weight. She also talks about how people change themselves for other people and then end up regretting the decision. Her song “Mrs.Potato Head” shows a young beautiful girl who falls in love with a man who convinces her to get plastic surgery. After she gets it his decision backfires as she looked nothing like he expected. She then is looking into a mirror horrified with the person she is looking at because she realizes that she was stuck with looking the way she looks.

Another song, “Orange Juice” shows a girl who has an eating disorder and wants to look like other girls, but can’t because she was too tall. She then tries to get skinnier, but unfortunately nothing seems to be working, so she starts to get upset. One of her lyrics from the song is “…your body is imperfectly perfect…” which shows that there is no such thing as a “perfect” body. 

Melanie says, “don’t expect shallow people to love you. They don’t even have the capacity to understand how amazing you are. And we all have to learn to love ourselves without the approval of others.” With this quote, people should know that they are beautiful in every single way and they don’t need to change anything about themselves for others.