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2017-2018 Staff

Kyara Peeples


Kyara Peeples is a senior and is seen as creative and unique by her peers. She is said to have a very distinct personality from most people. People enjoy her personality and love being around her. Her hobbies are cooking, eating...

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Hope Ierome


Hope Ierome is a senior who enjoys to read and bake. This is her first year attending Radford High School. She has lived in the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) and American Samoa. Her favorite NFL team is the San Francisco 4...

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Alyssa Lacap


Alyssa Lacap is a junior and enjoys singing and writing music. She’s lived in California for 12 years and lived in Japan for three. In her future, she sees herself either composing and producing music, or being a music teacher...

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Lailona Holloway


Lailona Holloway is a military dependent and is the oldest of her seven siblings. She is always on the move, and people describe her as creative and thoughtful. Lailona is a senior at Radford High School and enrolled in two AP c...

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Elaina Bolanes


Elaina Bolanos is a sophomore who likes to consider herself quiet, but also very aware. She is really looking forward to her newswriting class, because she has wanted a career in journalism for a few years. Once she found out...

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Kortni Baughman


Kortni Baughman is a senior and has attended Radford High School for all four years of her high school career. She is a very dedicated student who works hard to achueving great things. In her free time she enjoys reading and wat...

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Ashley King


Ashley King is a senior and a first year newswriting student at Radford High School. She’s a military dependent having lived on both sides of the United States, and now in Hawaii. Her hobbies include hanging out with her sh...

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Alexia Gardner


Alexia Gardner is a junior at Radford High. This is her second year as a newswriting student and her first year as a co-editor. She enjoys watching Netflix, reading fiction, and spending time with her dog. Her goal while being a...

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Kate Seed


Katherine “Kate” Seed is a junior at Radford High School and a first year co-editor of The Rampage. As a military dependent, she has moved nine times and has enjoyed places with nearby beaches the most. She likes writing, go...

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Maddy Honeycutt


Madelynn “Maddy” Honeycutt is a sophomore and a new addition to The Rampage. She has lived in many various places such as Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Italy. She enjoys traveling to new places and learning about them. She al...

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