Ariana Grande Announces New Album


Alexia Gardner, EDITOR

Miss Ariana Grande has shown us yet again why she’s one of the best vocalists of this generation with her new album, “Sweetener.” This is her fourth album, following the success of her Dangerous Woman Tour. The album features 15 songs and includes appearances from Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, and Pharrell.

Throughout the past year and a half Ariana has gone through a terrorist attack during one of her concerts and then a consequential diagnosis of PTSD .  Even with all these events her album shares stories of hope, love and peace.

The lead single of the album “No Tear Left To Cry” displays a change in her attitude. In her previous albums there are multiple songs where she has displayed sadness, despair because of love. This song flips the script and shows her acceptance of what the future may hold for her and that she will no longer let it hold her down and affect her emotions. She’s loving, living it, and picking it up.  

A personal favorite of the album is “Breathin.” Ariana opens up about her anxiety struggles, especially after the attack. She explains the severity of symptoms such as dissociation and the world feeling like it was coming down on her. As a fellow person who suffers from anxiety disorders this song was extremely relatable and heart-touching.

Songs such as “Everytime” and “Better Off” take on the sensitive topic of toxic relationships. In both of the songs she talks about how the relationship feels one-sided and harmful for her overall mental health ands stability. Rumors speculate that these songs are about her relationship with Mac Miller, a relationship she once called ‘toxic.’

The rest of the album is filled with upbeat and lively songs. Some of them are empowering such as “God is a Woman” and “Successful.” While others are are fun to dance to such as “The Light Is Coming” and “Borderline.”

This album was an overall success and I love the message it conveyed. It is easily one of my top five albums of 2018. I can’t wait until she announces her tour dates and hopefully some new music.