Reese Aaron, Contributing Writer

I walk into my room
Feet dragging across the wooly carpet that tickles my toes
I toss my bag to the ground causing him to curse me out for being so rude
I don’t even care
My eyelids take turn lifting weights that are too heavy to heave
My skin softens becoming vulnerable to the slightest breath of the fan circling slowly like a vulture preying on my fatigue
Music dances around my room already enjoying her vibe session
I ignore her knowing I won’t be dancing with her tonight and I look at my bed
“You back for more?” he judges
“Shut up.” I mumble
Dizziness takes the wheel and drives me
Blurry sugar plums and fairies float around my frazzled hair patiently waiting to become vivid and bright in the darkness of my sleep
My breath becoming insecure from being to loud, retreats cautiously, slowly back into my dry mouth
I sit down on the bed and he groans
“Your heavy”
“Shut up”
The action of sitting on my bed becomes a distant memory as I am soon hugged tightly by my comforter that sings hushed lullabies into my ears
Daniel Caesar tip toes out my room, his music sneaking down the stairs till his footsteps fade into the dark
Melatonin drips from the ceiling onto my forehead easing me into dreams of the ocean
I can almost hear it
Then I am there