Ocean fears and tears

Annika “Ika” Diah, Contributing Writer

The following creative writing piece is a Haiku to Vignette, written by contributing writer Annika “Ika” Diah:

Flowing through all time

Bones crushing beneath her feet

Creatures roam and feed

She has been carrying the weight of boats and the grief of sailors for centuries. Having been subjected to the passage of time. She has been there for the tragedies and joys of life. She has witnessed the lives of sailors and pirates, who dedicate their lives to her, perish right before her eyes. Her tears filled the void.

She has witnessed the rise and fall of humans and animals alike. Bones falling, crushing beneath her feet. She watches as ships sink and plummet to the floor. Her eyes searched for treasure. Her throne is adorned with trinkets and bones.

She has many pets: the infamous kraken, the destructive megalodon and many more. They feed on the fallen sailors and creatures that dare traverse into her territory. Her pets became infamous among the humans causing them to fear them and her alike.