The Storm

Daniel Halili, Contributing Writer

The following creative writing piece is a Haiku to Vignette, written by contributing writer Daniel Halili:

Lying clouds stretch far
Deceit stretched thin by the sun
Lightning calls forward

A continuous fog he hazes himself into, a delusion he is at fault for. This self-deceit has fogged his sight and corrupted the very line by which man long regulates himself. He hides away from the glare of his own conscience, hides himself away in pleasures day to day. Yet the problem in front of him still remains unchanged. He does not move forward, he is dragging himself further into the lie he is held accountable for. If only he were to see through the thick and the grey, he would come across the beams of light that pave better paths for himself. Beams of light that paves paths contrary to the hell that was being built into in his being. He steps away from the clouds that make the whole world darkness.

And may you rise and take your rightful place, in the eye of the storm! One must become the illuminated thing that arises out of the clouds instead of the contaminated being that comes out of the fog. What is conscious shows the terrain of the field, what pinnacles to climb, and holes to claw out of. A certain hell does manage to claw it’s way out and allows itself to be the fog that allows thunder to clap. Let every clap that setbacks be a signal to all: do not remain deaf to your calling!

The storm is the thing that renews the land and plunges the depths, seeking proper foundation. It adheres to what is best, change. A humanity that has long been through all lines, assessing the worth of blood found in every individual. Not at all common, it dares to bring what is rare to come forward from the disrupted land. What is rare stays rare in its proper place, lightning carries itself through the storm and adheres to the thunder.