Foggy Mountainscape

Robbie Wellbaum, Contributing Writer

The following creative writing piece is a Haiku to Vignette, written by contributing writer Robbie Wellbaum:

The mountainscape calls,

A foggy expanse sheltered,

By the morning dew.

The mountains recall stories long lost over generations. New paths cultivated by sailors arriving from across the seas, ignoring the pleas from clouds looming above and below to continue the old traditions.

The shields of trees covering the brilliant expanse too fragile for one’s eye. That which must hide under a cover of fog undisturbing of that which lives within. The mountains are sheltered, kept away from the living and close to the dead. You will not find the old path deep within the mountains, you must forge a new one.

The sky hung low over the clouds fresh with morning air and wet with the spring dew. Hiding the mountains under a thick layer of condensation expanding over the greenery. One must not disturb the unknown mountains, and the sheltered trees, for the mountain has a heart of its own.