Cassandra Bell, Contributing Writer

The following creative writing piece is a Homage to Found Poem, written by contributing writer Cassandra Bell:

Excitement buzzed through us, driving past the familiar sights of my parents home town, past the pizza place, past the dinner, the park and finally, the car turned the corner onto the dirt road where they were waiting for us. As little kids jumping out of the car, to our Grandpa’s warm greetings. “Heya kudos!” he would yell, his small dog scurrying at our feet. His dark hair that never seemed to gray, thick under his glasses pushed up on his head. Scooping them up in his strong arms, leading everyone inside past his bike that he used so often. Showing us how random things worked as Mom and Grandma talked joyfully in the dining room.

Going to the pizza place we would talk all through the evening, how things were at the library where he worked? had he gone on any cool camping trips? Grandpa would point out things around us explaining how they worked. To the young kids he knew everything, he made everything fun as he shared what he knew. Grandpa would take them along to the library where he worked, going out to lunch, flying drones around the empty auditorium space. Show them all the cool things for rent, telescopes, binoculars for bird watching and so much more.

Grandpa would show them everything. There is nothing he can’t explain, Grandpa knows everything and how to have fun. So many things he had explained were forgotten in the small children’s minds, but most kept close. They rode bikes, went on long walks, and spent hours at the park. Not until later did they know that no one can know everything, but Grandpa had seemed pretty close. Grandpa has taught many things and has always had fun, and having both you’ll be all set in life.



driving past the familiar sights of

home town


car turned 

onto the dirt road

waiting for us

Grandpa’s warm greetings

dark hair that never seemed to


glasses pushed up on his head 

leading everyone inside 

his bike 

used so often 

To the 


he knew everything