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Kurose Named OC16 Outstanding Educator

Hope Ierome and Katherine Seed, Reporters

November 3, 2018

Spectrum OC, previously known as Oceanic Time Warner, is widely known as a company that provides cable television, but it has also been promoting education in the United States since 1988. Previous OTW Vice President of Programming c...

Club Leaves Mark at Radford

Leonardo Castro, Reporter

October 24, 2018

Legacy Club was founded with the intention of working with the Parent Teachers Students Association in mind. Legacy Club President, Brooke Delaforce, said, “PTSA consists of a group of parents, teachers, and students that he...

Austin Tirona

Katherine Seed, Editor

October 23, 2018

Austin Tirona (12) will soon be joining the members of his family who have served in the United States military. The senior’s father was in the military, as well as everyone before him on both sides of his family. Tirona wil...

Cana Kerns

Katherine Seed, Editor

October 23, 2018

Unlike the majority of her class, Cana Kerns is getting college experience while still in high school. The senior is currently taking three classes at Radford and has begun earning college credits at Windward Community College. ...

Brown Bags Showcases Talent

Katherine Seed, Editor

October 23, 2018

Performances for Radford’s Brown Bags talent show took place in the gymnasium on February. Winners representing our school compete with other schools winners who won in the same category. In the singing category, first place was awa...

Dog Lover Educates General Public on Pit Bulls

Elaina Bolanos, Reporter

March 16, 2018

American Pit Bull Terriers, or as most people like to call them, pit bulls, are infamous for being aggressive fight dogs. In an attempt to educate people on the breed, Ilana Borgesen (10) has become an expert on the dog breed...

AP Scholar Shares Studying Strategies

Kortni Baughman and Katherine Seed, Reporters

March 16, 2018

As the days of December pass by, Radford students are looking forward to Winter Break and the anticipation of the approaching holidays. The close of a semester and the start of a time dedicated to relaxation are always someth...

My Paranormal Experience

Madelynn Honeycutt, Reporter

March 16, 2018

When you think of what paranormal activity actually means, most people think about movies created solely for the purpose of scaring viewers. This is how it has been for a long time, and how it probably will continue to be. Paran...

Military Moves Bring Ups, Downs

Madelynn Honeycutt and Alyssa Lacap, Reporters

March 16, 2018

A common struggle for military students is when they move, they lose friends as fast as they gain them. A majority of those interviewed agreed that friendships are hard to maintain. So, they use social media to keep in contact...

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