Rampage newspaper hosts art contest


“‘Ohana pau ʻole” by Alencia Ruth, Grade 9 “Radford is pretty different from the rest of the high school’s I visited, it’s overwhelmingly military-affiliated children wise and has plenty of diversity under its belt… For the past few months I’ve gotten more than a whiff of Radford’s family-like spirit. Even though we are so different, given that we were coming from all over the world into one high school of Honolulu, we seem to connect unlike many other schools. From our classes, to the dances, from the hallways to the stages. It’s not what many schools have, that’s what makes it special.”

Jevron Freeman, Reporter

Students from around the campus got a chance to show off their talent through the Rampage Newspaper Art Contest. Students are tasked to create an original art piece that conveys the theme of the 2021 High School Experience. The winner will have their artwork featured on the front page of the Rampage Newspaper.

After days of waiting and judging, “‘Ohana pau ʻole” by Alencia Ruth, Grade 9, has been chosen as the winner of the Art Contest. It represents a regular day at Radford and its students of different backgrounds. “‘Ohana pau ʻole” in itself means “Endless Family.”

The runners-up are featured below.