Track’s completion projected for July 2016

March 17, 2015

A project to install an all weather eight-lane track...  Read More »


Tunac beats out talent for top spot

March 17, 2015

Sophomore Eugene Tunac is the overall winner of this...  Read More »

Fourteen student facilitators volunteer their time to assist new students as they work to ensure the integration of transfers to the school and community. In order to become a Transition Center facilitator, the student submits an application, passes an interview, and undergoes training.

Ten Years of Transitioning, Still Going Strong

January 22, 2015

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Movie Review: Kingsman

Alexa Conrad, Reporter

To be honest, I didn’t anticipate seeing this movie. I thought it would be an average spy movie, directing the audience to be wowed by cliche plotlines and characters, and drawing their attention with pretty faces and cool gadgets. However, I was pleased to see that I was wrong. The story starts off with us meeting Harry Hart, a secret service agent. In the beginning...  Read More »

Mar 17

Movie Review: Unbroken

Jacob Vigliante, Reporter

Louis “Louie” Zamperini grew up during troubled times. He is bullied, but is also a thief. He gets in trouble, but when he does, he isn't arrested. The Zamperini family is very popular and the people of the town treat them differently. Sooner or later, his older brother turns his life around, and turns him into a track star who wins championships and makes it to the...  Read More »

Mar 17

Movie Review: Seventh Son

Erika Purseglove, Reporter

The movie Seventh Son, based on the novel The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney, was released on Feb. 6. It centers around Thomas Ward (Ben Barnes), the proclaimed “seventh son of a seventh son” (giving the movie its title), John Gregory (Jeff Bridges), the last member of a knightly order known as the Spooks, and Mother Malkin, (Julianne Moore), a powerful...  Read More »

Mar 17

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Frank racks up state, national titles with cheer program

The RamPage Staff, Reporters

Lawrence “Bo” Frank is leaving an indelible mark in the cheer world, racking up state and national titles with his cheer program. Varsity Black and Varsity White members...  Read More »

April 6, 2015


Peer Ed spreads awareness, education

January 30, 2015

Visitors walking into or by the Peer Education classroom may see, on any given day, a beauty pageant queen or an escorted...  Read More »

Students hover around a career day presenter and learn about Civic Engineering. Project ARIES has this career day each year, offering students opportunities to learn about possible future career choices. “This is very useful information for me to have and to think about when I apply for a job,” said Ransom Kauwe (10).

Career Day Offers Insight, Reality

January 30, 2015

Cosmetologists, firefighters, television producers, news anchors, fashion designers, dancers and choreographers, zoologists,...  Read More »


Builders shape recycled wood back to life

January 30, 2015

Building and Construction students worked on a quarter long project that forced them to recycle, while using their carpentry...  Read More »

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