A 22-Year Tradition: Annual Career Day Helps Students Plan for Future Aspirations


Jenny Floro, an Artist for HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts presented her paintings in Fine Arts teacher Susan Harrington’s room.

Jesse Dickerson, Reporter

  Most high school students have a general idea of what they want to do in life. Nurse, doctor, photographer, construction worker, the possibilities are endless but it is hard to know what goes into becoming one of these careers. This is where career day comes into play for students, they’re given the opportunity to interact with workers in the career they wish to go. Helping them find out what schooling is needed, where to get it and what to expect.

     Radford Educational Assistant Enrica Luz Gurrero, who headed the operation said that the planning that goes into it takes five or six months and is quite tedious to keep a good focus while doing it, between getting all the volunteers necessary and organizing it. She’s been doing it for 22 years and said has she’s only had two no shows for the entire time she’s been doing it.

     “In the 22 years I’ve been doing the College Fair, I only recall twice.  Both times were due to emergency situations, one was due to a huge accident in the morning and the nurses who were scheduled to speak were called in to work.  Our volunteer speakers are very dedicated and take this opportunity to impact our students very seriously,” said  Gurrero.

     This is good for working with students to ensure they get all the information that they need for going into the career. Many students may have seen it as a free day to mess around and not pay attention, but those who listened and were able to get information may be a few steps ahead compared to their peers. Gurrero finds the whole event a successful and feels as if it helps students.

     “Reading comments from the speakers praising our students and teachers: ‘great students; live the motto of discipline, respect and responsibility,’ very well behaved; great reflection on the teachers and staff.’ ‘engaged and asked intelligent questions.’  And so much more!  And, it’s all true!” said Gurrero.

     As for the students view on it, Senior Elizabeth Ogata-Tambua, thought it was helpful for showing students what they need and how to prepare.

     “It showed students, what steps needed to take and what to do after high school,” she said.       

   Ogata-Tambua talked about how helpful nurses were about getting into the medical field, opening her eyes to possibilities like internships, skills needed, what to expect and how to go about getting into the Pediatric Nurse.

  Career day happens every year and is a chance for students to take a glance at new careers and opportunities or be able to learn more about the ones they are already pursuing. Opening up new doors and endless possibilities for students on what to do with their careers after high school. Overall, it helps students a tremendous amount.