‘Dr. Strange’ Rakes in Millions

Trevor Land, Reporter

Filled with more one liners than any other movie I can think of, it is no surprise that Dr. Strange is raking in millions of dollars.  The movie was filmed on a $165 million budget, and on its opening weekend, it made $75 million.

In the comics of Dr. Strange, the Ancient One is a Tibetan Man; however, in the movie the Ancient One is a Celtic woman.      

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Strange, admitted that he was not familiar with the character, so he had to extensively research his role.

“Dr. Strange” opens up with a scene of a woman fighting the potential villain who has stolen important papers. We meet Dr. Stephen Strange, acclaimed neurosurgeon, who has a wealthy, however, arrogant/egocentric lifestyle. He is involved in a nonfatal accident, which forces him to seek hope and health in mysterious places. From this, he discovers magical forces and what he really is… the most powerful sorcerer in existence, after a little bit of practice. Events unfold and he learns what he was born to be. This is when I was pulled into the movie’s plot.

Strange learns about the dark dimension and its leader Dormammu who wants to conquer every planet, including Earth. Strange is confronted with this information and fearful, he wants to return to his former life as a neurosurgeon.

An attack takes place led by Kaecilius (Main Villain) in Kammar-Taj, the secret compound in which Strange learned of his power. In this attack the Cloak of Levitation will become your favorite character.  You’ll find out why if you see the movie.

I would, without hesitation watch this movie again. I predict it winning movie of the year. Even Rotten Tomatoes rated “Dr. Strange” a 90 percent, IMDb rated it 8/10, and metacritic rating it the worse at 72 percent.

Watching “Dr. Strange” is worth the amount you pay whether you have a military discount or not. Seriously, you won’t regret it.