Stranger Things Season 4: A Curse or a Blessing?


Stranger Things releases its newest season which caused an outbreak on social media.

Grace Vuycankiat, Reporter

On May 27, 2022, Netflix released the new Stranger Things Season 4, which had fans ecstatic. Many memes were made in honor of this show which brought mixed feelings toward it. The new season is about Will Byers and his family, along with Eleven, starting their new life in Lenora Hills, California. 

While Mike Wheeler and the rest of the gang stay back in Hawkins, new characters are introduced such as Eddie Munson, Chrissy Cunningham, Vecna, Jason Carver, and many more. 

Eleven experiences some bullying in her new school, which she doesn’t tell her boyfriend, Mike. This bullying causes Eleven to throw a roller skate at her bully, Angela, and she gets sent to juvie. On the way to the facility, scientists who created Eleven’s powers kidnap her so they can fix her powers.

Back in Hawkins, Mike, Lucas, and Will joined a Dungeons and Dragons club, called the Hellfire Club. This is when the character Eddie Munson is introduced.  

The Hellfire Club became really popular on social media, which even had people buying the Hellfire Club shirt shown in the show. This was a short-lived craze because soon people started hating the Hellfire Club fans on social media. The fans were called “cringe” and “embarrassing” by commenters on TikTok.

Commenters have even said that the new season was a mistake and that the new fans were ruining the show. 

Later on in the show, Chrissy Cunningham, a cheerleader at Hawkins High School, was possessed by the main antagonist, Vecna. During this scene, Chrissy was at Eddie Munson’s house looking to buy illegal drugs. 

Eddie screamed the iconic phrase, “Chrissy wake up!” and “I don’t like this Chrissy!” because she wasn’t moving or responding to him. 

In social media, this scene became a popular meme and trend after TikToker, “schmoyoho”, remixed the lines into a song. Fans sang the song which contained, “Chrissy wake up! I don’t like this, Chrissy wake up!” 

This fan-made song has been trending on social media for quite a while. Everyone enjoyed it and loved it, but the more overplayed the song got, the more people were annoyed with it. Sadly, this also brought the Stranger Things fandom even more hate. 

Because of the surge of Stranger Things fans, Netflix’s ratings and user usage hit record highs. According to Nielsen Streaming Content Ratings special report, Stranger Things delivered 5.1 billion viewing minutes across the four seasons.

The ending of season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, meaning there’s most likely going to be another season. A new season coming out could possibly have the same outcomes as the recent one.

There are always going to be people hating new shows because once it gets popular, people always find a reason to hate them. My opinion is if you like the show and are passionate about it, great! Don’t feel compelled about what other people think because it’s what you think that matters.