Talent Show Culminates in Dance-Off


A tie led to a dance off between Siatuu and Ramos. (Photo Credit Andrew Luff)

Andrew Luff, Reporter

On Friday, March 24, the Radford’s Got Talent talent show hosted by Student Council took place on the stage during lunch. Three students

(all seniors) participated in the talent show: Phil Siatuu, Jayvyn Mamaclay Betts, and Jayde-Emare Ramos.

“In order to participate, students needed to sign up using a Google form that asked about who they were and what they’re act was going to be. Then, they auditioned by performing their act in front of the judges for feedback,” said senior Aaliyah Layne, organizer of the event.

Siatuu performed his own choreography to the song “CIRCLE” by SAAY. Mamaclay Betts rapped a song which he wrote and produced himself. Ramos performed a dance to the song “Big Boss” by Victoria Monet.

Judging the talent show were fine arts teacher Mark  Primeaux, Spanish teacher Karina Polo, social studies teacher Ananda Layne, social studies teacher and varsity basketball coach Travis Armstrong, and band teacher Emily Key.

“I chose judges based on their knowledge in the fine arts and recommendations from other members of Student Council,” said Layne.

The performances were judged based on four metrics: preparation, quality, stage presence, and creativity.

After the judges scored all of the performances, it was revealed that there was a tie between Siatuu and Ramos. After much cheering from the audience, a dance-off commenced between Siatuu and Ramos. At the end of the dance-off, the crowd unanimously chose Jayde as the winner.

“I decided to do a talent show because I thought it would be a fun event for students to watch and participate in,”  said Layne. “I would like to thank all the students who came to watch the Talent Show for their support and I hope they all enjoyed it.”