Students Gain Economic Insight at Financial Reality Fair


Alyssa Sunday (12) works with her peers to add up daily lifestyle costs.

Elaina Bolanes, Editor

      Seniors got a sneak peak at what they should expect after high school and to say it was a learning experience is an understatement. On November 22, seniors had the option of attending one of the two sessions and be put into different real life financial situations.

      At the beginning of each session, occupations were listed and chosen by the students. Staged at the age of 24, seniors were given a hypothetical life. Some students had spouses, others had children. Each student had an income, and if they had a spouse, their income as well. With a monthly net worth, the seniors went to different booths to spend their “money” on. Told to spend on how they would like to live their lives, most students sought out the nicest cars, ate out five times a month, and enjoyed different entertainment choices for their families.

      A harsh reality hit after each student had gone to every booth. Most students ended up in debt. A lot of debt. Turns out, real life is expensive. But the financial reality fair was an eye-opening experience that future seniors should seriously consider. While the idea of real life financial struggle is mildly terrifying, the fair offered some insight. Now, hopefully, most students know that realistically, it’s not the best idea to spend all of their money for little pleasures.