PDA Interferes with Other’s Comfort


Alyssa Lacap, Reporter

Schools typically see public displays of affection, commonly known as PDA, as a distraction and inappropriate for a school setting. Radford has policies that discourage this type of behavior on campus or at school-related functions.

A section in the school planner states, “Students must display mature and respectable behavior at all times. Public displays of affection have no place on our campus.” While there are no written consequences in the planner; however, students can still face punishment.

¨Administrators will usually give warnings to break it up and knock it off. If it continues or we have to remind continuously, we will call them into the office and have a conversation and call parents.  There have been lunch detentions and Saturday schools as consequences for PDA over the last few years,” Assistant Principal Tyler Brown said.

Physical intimacy ranges from holding hands to making out even though it’s become fairly common, there’s a line some people cross, taking it to the place where it causes others to squirm.

“As a student, do you really want an adult-VP, teacher, custodian to tell you to stop engaging in PDA?  Isn’t that embarrassing? Do you really want your parents called because you were making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend?  Discipline, Respect, and Responsibility!” Brown wrote, in an email.

Falling in love is wonderful, and when it happens, couples may want the world to know. Exchanging loving glances can make some who witness signs of affection as cute for young love. However, being too affectionate in public shows a lack of general etiquette skills. When couples are grinding (pressed against each other) in front of others they may make people around them feel extremely uncomfortable.

“There’s always a time and place for [PDA] and school is not the place. You wouldn’t go to your workplace and make out with someone, would you?” Career Technical Education Teacher Jennifer Sugahara said. “Not only that but because of the social norms, no one wants to see anyone do that.”

Too much PDA in certain places can damage someone’s reputation. People may think that if you are intimate in public, you might be doing a bit more in private.

“Well if you’re not [having sex with] each other in the hallway, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t know why it’s anybody’s concern. It’s not going to control your life if you see another couple display their actions of love.” Rei Lamson (12) said.

Most teens and young adults know not to make out in front of the elderly and impressionable children. However, they tend to do so because they’re not cautious of their surroundings. This may not bother some people, but in the future, you may look back and wish you’d held back a bit.