Court Hopefuls Run for Prom King, Queen


The RamPage, Staff

A combination senior-junior prom is scheduled for Saturday, April 1.

For a group of seven seniors, the night may be extra special for them if they are crowned prom king and queen.

Prom king candidates are Nate Hollandsworth, Alika Merck, and John Tanare. Queen candidates are Paige Southard, Shayla Kumata, Blake Marshall, and Jazmine Abraham.

Blake Marshall (12) said that she is running for prom queen “because of my faith in God.”

“I was homecoming queen at my old school and I had planned to take the title of prom queen there but plans changed. So it took me a while to build the courage but I said a prayer and got to it. I filled out the information needed and I was on the ballot,” Marshall said. “I know that I am a very knowledgeable young lady and that I can represent Radford High School in a positive way, and that is what I plan to do.”

Jazmine Abraham (12) said that she initially ran for prom queen for fun. “I want to show girls that they can be a queen without a guy.”

John Tanare (12) said he is running as prom king “because this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.”