XC Runners Commit to Winning Season

Alexia Gardner, Editor

A new school year signifies the beginning of a new season and high expectations for Radford’s Cross Country team.

“I expect great things,” Noah Forster (12) said. “I hope to make it far this season such as westerns or OIA Champs.”

Cross Country requires students to run for miles in different (dirt and grass) terrains and while snow is not an issue, members also run in rain or shine. In addition to this, runners fight fatigue, medical conditions (like asthma), body ailments (shin splints) that could break their stamina. Despite challenges, they still manage to persevere and place in practices and in meets.

“I’ll sometimes tell myself I can’t run another mile or I can’t do something which affects me because I actually can run more and train harder,” Katya Bollong (11) said.

Members rely on varying methods to keep them going.

“I encourage myself to do good and others on the team to do their best,” Forster said.

While Cross country allows individuals to race where they are not dependent on others to cross the finish line, they still belong to a school team where they interact with people.

Bollong said she joined “to meet new people and because I really like the sport.”

Cross Country is more than just perseverance. It’s also about discipline and pushing themselves to new limits, and believing in themselves, their teammates, and their coach.

“Our Cross Country team couldn’t do what we do without our amazing Coach [Elizabeth] Patton,” Bollong said. “She pushes us to do the best we can.”