NFL gives students something to be positive about


Many NFL teams will play without fans in the stands for a couple of weeks.

Logan Henley, Reporter

With the pandemic only getting worse in America, people may have to get used to staying in their homes to quarantine for a little more longer. Usually, people would spend time at home watching sports, but with the current safety regulations, sports have been postponed, canceled, or played without fans. With the NFL season starting up in September without fans in attendance or very few at all, people are glad to be able to watch football again, whether it be at home or in the stands. 

“I’m excited for football to be back,” said Junior Ethan Zehr. “In my house football is life, we watch every game on every game day, it’s kind of like a unity thing that everyone comes together for the Chiefs.”

Most people are tired of quarantine and are looking forward to going back to their normal lifestyles. For students and adults who enjoy and watch football, it’s finally something to look forward to. Although fans won’t be at the stadium, they sure will be watching from their homes. Not only NFL fans are excited, but the NBA has started playing in the bubble to keep players safe, so fans can enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes. With the NFL given the clear to start back up with some Covid-19 restrictions, fans are just glad to have football back.

“It makes quarantine better because it’s time we can spend not thinking about quarantine, instead, we watch football and our favorite teams compete head to head for the next couple of months,” said Zehr.

Sports give students a lot of joy and excitement, especially during the school year. It’s a great stress reliever for some students and gives them valuable time to enjoy the game with their family and take a break from school. For students like Ethan, football is something that brings families together, and it’s great for making memories that last a lifetime. 

“The Chiefs are my favorite team, and with them coming off a super bowl win I can’t wait for the new season,” said Zehr. 

Students who have favorite teams, have their eyes set towards the new season, and hope they’re teams do well. Overall, the NFL season is helping students take their eyes off the coronavirus and focus on something more positive.

For Junior Zander Writesel, football brings more than just excitement to the game. “I’ve been watching a bunch of NASCAR and IndyCar, you know stuff like that. It’s fun and all but I want to watch people getting leveled, the hits, the excitement,” said Writesel. 

It isn’t just about having football back, it’s the excitement it brings. It’s been too long for students like Zander, and he is excited to see his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys kick things off. 

As the new NFL season starts off, it’s clear it has brought excitement and joy to students who have long awaited its arrival. The past months of boredom are finally coming to an end for students who enjoy watching football. They are excited to watch their favorite teams and players finally be able to play and have something to look forward to.