Student-Athletes share thoughts on COVID-19 sport mandates

Marabella Creech, Reporter

As students start school face-to-face full time, they are faced with a surplus of COVID-19 restrictions to keep all students safe. One of the many restrictions that has caused an uproar in the student body, is the vaccine mandate for the sports team. Some students have firm opinions about the mandate, some have a positive view of the mandate and are even happy, or relieved. Two students shared their similar optimistic opinions about the vaccine mandate for sports teams. Senior Logan Kindle is relieved by the mandate and is actively encouraging other students to get the vaccine, and Sophomore Waylon Allen is encouraged by the mandate with high hopes for this year’s football season. 

Senior Logan Kindle 

Varsity Wrestler Senior Logan Kindle strongly agrees with the vaccine mandate. Eager to get back to wrestling, he said this is the right thing to do, and the only safe way to proceed with the sports season this year.

“It’s the one of the only safe ways to guarantee safety, and we can actually get to playing sports sooner,” Kindle said.

Kindle explained that his friends and teammates are also happy about the vaccination mandate, and no one seems to be against it. “We are all relieved we actually have a chance of participating this year.”

Kindle shared that he encouraged all of his teammates to get the vaccine, and he hopes others do the same. He, along with many other students just want to get back to playing the sport that they love and see the vaccine as the only way to get to that goal.

Sophomore Waylon Allen

Junior Varsity Football Player Waylon Allen is optimistic about the vaccine. Hoping this is his chance at a fulfilling season, he is willing to take any precaution necessary to have a safe, and complete football season. 

“Mostly what me and all my friends want is to play ball, the faster we can get the virus off our field, the quicker we can play on it,” Allen shared.

Allen explained that all of his teammates understand the severity of COVID-19 and understand that things like the vaccine mandate are necessary, and there’s no point fighting it if it’s the only way to play the sport they all love so much. 

Allen and Kindle played in this year’s Homecoming game on November 5 against the Kaiser High School Cougars.