My Paranormal Experience

Madelynn Honeycutt, Reporter

When you think of what paranormal activity actually means, most people think about movies created solely for the purpose of scaring viewers. This is how it has been for a long time, and how it probably will continue to be.

Paranormal experiences include ghosts supposedly haunting us, personal items that keep mysteriously disappearing, or even that non-existent sound you thought you heard. This is what movie producers who make horror movies want you to feel.

What they don’t understand is how an experience like this can make you feel. Movie producers have never captured true fear when it comes to experiencing something real that involves the paranormal. This is something not a lot of people can experience nor explain. This is why we are having some people try and explain their own experiences as best as they can so we can get an insight on the reality of the paranormal.

Speaking from my own experience, understanding the paranormal is incredibly difficult. When I was 12 years old I had contact with the paranormal. I was visiting my mother’s side of the family in Montana. I had decided to spend the weekend with my cousins who were all in high school at the time except for one. We decided to have a movie night, while my uncle and aunt took one of my three cousins to a sleepover. They both own a ranch and are pretty far away from the town.

It was a completely dark night and very silent. When they left we  got comfortable and watched a movie, until we heard the front door slam against the wall. We just assumed the adults were back, but we didn’t hear anyone come in.

We decided to investigate, but found no evidence that the adults were in the house with us. We closed and locked the door and returned to finish our movie. About 15 minutes later it happened again, and the dogs came running in, clearly upset. We went to look outside once again and found nothing.

When we went back inside the house,  all the lights turned off and the upstairs stereo turned on. It started playing very loud old- time music, and we smelled a very old type of perfume.

We are all petrified and sat back down anxiously and heard exactly three knocks on the wall. All of us were in the same room with no one else in the house.

To this day I cannot explain the experience that went down that day.