Winning ticket go-er Tyler Kimball snaps a shot of the concert stage at the Wiz Khalifa concert.

Seniors Kaleb Jones and Tyler Kimball are shared the news of their win the day of the concert.

Congratulations to seniors Tyler Kimball and Kaleb Jones for winning a pair of tickets to Wiz Khalifa (sponsored by The RamPage Newswriting class). They attended his concert at the Blaisdell Center on Oct. 21.

“Kaleb and I were excited to learn we had won tickets to see Wiz Khalifa in concert,” Kimball said. “It just goes to show that by keeping up with, you never know what prizes you could win. It was an awe-inspiring show. The best part of my high school senior year so far.”

Staff reporter Avery Trujillo also attended the concert. Expect to read her review soon.

“The concert was awesome,” Kimball said. “If you couldn’t go, you missed out on one of the best hip hop and pop, rap artists of the year. It was extraordinarily impressive, the show Wiz Khalifa performed for everyone at the Blaisdell Center. Neither of us had expected the concert to be as good as it was. Everyone was going crazy for the music, pushing to be in-front of us, and the vibration from the speakers made the room buzz, and shake. The light effects and atmosphere made everything come together for an outstanding show.”

Hours before the concert, the seniors aren't sure they will get to see Wiz Khalifa. It is only with their tickets in hand do they prepare for the highlight of their evening.