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2016-2017 Staff

Madison Wahl


Madison Mahina Wahl loves dancing and performing. In fact, she has been dancing since three years old and acting since 7th grade. She is a sophomore at Radford High School and is interested in paddling for Keola Ke Kai this ...

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Cristian Torres


Cristian Torres is a senior who enjoys playing video games, writing code, and hanging out with friends. After high school, he plans on taking an online technology degree course and work remotely from home....

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Kate Seed


Katherine "Kate" Seed is a sophomore and a first year newswriting student. She has moved ten times. She enjoys going to the beach, writing, and hanging out with friends.

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Hunter Lee


Hunter Lee is a 17 year old senior at Radford High School. He enjoys skating, biking and scootering. He has broken five bones in his body which are: his left wrist twice, his right wrist twice, and his right pinkie toe. He ha...

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MJ Latimer


Micheal “MJ” Latimer is a junior at Radford High School and first-year reporter in “The RamPage.” Before moving to Hawaii, he lived in Japan and Illinois. His hobbies include gaming and bottles....

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Trevor Land


Trevor Land is a senior and first year reporter to "The RamPage." He enjoys video games, sports, sharks, and cars. He was born and raised in Florida for 11 years, before moving to Hawaii where he's been living in the past s...

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Drai Hawkins


Drai Hawkins is a young junior, at 15 years old, and has three younger brothers. As a military dependent, she lived in Okinawa, Japan since she was nine years old and moved to Hawaii In June of 2016. She likes dank memes and...

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Alexia Gardner


Alexia Gardner is a sophomore at Radford. She is a military dependent who has lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia. Missouri, and South Carolina, before moving to Hawaii. She is a first year newswriting student, who enjoys listening ...

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Sean Duff


Sean Duff is a sophomore at Radford. He has lived in Switzerland, Japan, and Virginia. He likes swimming, football, watching videos on youtube, and playing video games. He wants to attend the University of Southern California....

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Alexa Conrad


Alexa Conrad is a senior at Radford High School, and a third year Newswriting editor. She enjoys sports such as swimming, and track & field. Her other hobbies include eating, reading, paddle boarding, writing, and going to...

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Adaliah Collins


Adaliah Collins is a senior at Radford and co-editor of the newspaper "The RamPage." She has been on-and-off Oahu since she was a child, and has lived in Hawaii for 11 years. Her family has served in the US Army for 17 years. ...

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Andreas Casillas


Andreas Casillas is a senior at Radford and is first year reporter on the newspaper staff. Before arriving in Hawaii, Casillas lived in Washington D.C. and Virginia. Some of his hobbies include running track and cross country...

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Joshua "Sua" Ala


Joshua “Sua” Ala is a current sophomore from Hawaii. When he isn’t at daily Rams football practices, he is working on assignments and studying. Ala said that he is always willing to learn, so that he may attend college. ...

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Jacques "Pono" Abellira


Jacques “Pono” Abellira is a sophomore at Radford and a rookie to the Newswriting force. He was born in California, but has lived here in Hawaii for the majority of his life. He enjoys video gaming, drawing, and watching Y...

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