Rams Juggle Employment and Education

Gabriel Gonzalez, Reporter

For many Radford students, adding another responsibility to their already demanding schedules can exhaust them. However, for some students, opting to work part-time enables them to earn spending money and save for their future.

Students who work earn potentially lifelong benefits like confidence, time management skills, responsibility, and independence – as well as a paycheck. Having a job can also help teens explore possible career directions and provide them with some insight about what they want or don’t want from a future career.

Senior Dominique Chavez, an employee at Party City, said that having a job is rewarding.

“I like working because it makes me feel independent, I’ve learned that earning your own money is different than having it handed to you,” Chavez said.

However, challenges can arise from working. Employed students often feel that they don’t have enough hours in the day to juggle school, homework, work, sleep, and a social life.

“The biggest challenge I face is sometimes having to choose between being responsible and going to work, or calling in to go have fun,” Chavez said.