Tips to Save Money (and a Headache) While Traveling

Kiki Gilkey, Reporter

Traveling can be very fun and exciting. When you go traveling anywhere, whether it’s domestic or international travel, it’s good to be safe and prepared for anything that could happen or go wrong. Here are some tips on how to not over-pack, get your stuff stolen, and more.

Travel tip #1: Always Have A Packing List
You should always have a list of what you’re going to pack; it’d be a shame if you forgot something as important as your hair straightener.

Travel tip #2: Know Your Currencies
How embarrassing would it be to go to France and ask for pesos (the French use Euros). It’s also important to know currency conversions. Most smart phones have an app for that.

Travel tip #3: Never Over-Pack (Refer to tip #1)
Here’s a scenario: You’re at the airport checking in your bag and the airport attendant tells you that your bag is overweight. Now you have to pay fifty to get that over-sized thing on the plane. Never over-pack.

Travel tip #4: Plan All Of Your Outfits
Planning outfits ahead of time helps to prevent an overweight bag and difficulty at airport security. Pick an outfit that’s simple and comfortable without lots of jewelry, metal, and pockets. You don’t want to be that jerk that holds up the entire line because you decided to wear 30 bracelets and lace up thigh-high boots.

Travel tip #5: Don’t Leave Your Baggage Unattended
Not only if there a chance that your things can get stolen if you do, but what if you’re traveling internationally and a drug lord decides to slip a little something into your bag?

Travel tip #6: Keep Your Carry On Light
Only pack the essentials: camera, guide book (if you need one), medication, hand wipes or hand sanitizer, personal hygiene items, book or magazine, pen, and a snack (that you’ll buy before you board. Refer to tip number seven). Let’s not be that annoying person whose carry on won’t fit anywhere and takes up half of the overhead compartment.

Travel tip #7: Buy Food and Refreshments Before You Board
That stuff gets very expensive. Imagine that you are starving on a 15 hour flight and the only available food source is a $25 ham and cheese sandwich on stale, whole wheat bread. Yuck!

Travel tip #8: Leave Your House At Least 3 Hours Before Your Flight
Missing your flight because you didn’t know how to plan well sucks.

Travel tip #9: Make Sure to Get Vaccinated
When you travel internationally, certain countries won’t let you in unless you’ve been vaccinated. They don’t want to risk exposing their people to any disease you might be carrying.

Travel tip #10: Don’t Wear Heels On the Plane
Ladies, no matter how cute you think you look, everyone else thinks you look dumb traveling in five inch stilettos. Your feet swell and if the plane goes down, you don’t want to be responsible for poking holes in the inflatable life raft and killing everyone.

After reading this, you should be ready to travel anywhere, whether it’s within the continental U.S  or international. Good luck and happy traveling!