Ways to Have Fun for Free

Courtney Ortega, Reporter

Having a job and keeping track of all your finances can be hard. Throw in the temptation of your favorite Starbucks drink or your favorite clothing place and you could find yourself short on cash. There are endless things to do without spending money.

Whenever I go to the mall, I always find myself spending half of my paycheck, which could be used on more responsible things. But without spending money, how can I have fun? No renting movies or not going out for a bite to eat doesn’t sound fun. It turns out that there is plenty to do, you just need to use your imagination.

I personally love being lazy on the couch, so why not settle down for a marathon of your favorite TV show? Fun, cheap and you don’t have to move for anything except for bathroom and snack breaks. Building a fort using pillows, blankets and sofas is a great way to relive your childhood. Take your favorite book or your best friend and spend time with them in your new temporary home. If you’re fond of organizing (which I know I am), spend the day organizing everything. It won’t kill to spend a little time getting your life organized. There are plenty of online resources to aid you. From to do lists to cookbook templates, there is plenty to organize.

Being pampered feels nice. Being pampered for free feels even better! Take a day and make it an at-home spa day. Start with exfoliating your skin, then to a nice hot bath, to a manicure/pedicure, and end with laying out in the sun to soak up vitamin D. Don’t forget relaxing music. I love writing letters. It expresses how I feel about someone, with them feeling loved. Write letters to your significant other or your mom or dad. Osha, a poet, wrote about how love is about appreciation not possession. Let the special people in your life know how much you really appreciate them.

If you’re feeling crafty, make someone something. Anything made from the heart is much better than a store bought item.