Rams Win OIA Championships Against Golden Hawks

The Rams have won again.

After beating the Nanakuli Golden Hawks 21-6, the Rams are Oahu Interscholastic Association (OIA) champions.

“When we won, I felt so much happiness to know that we, as a team, were now champs” senior Semaia Salanoa said. “It’s an ecstatic feeling you get to know that you’ve won it all. It’s a great blessing and none of it would’ve been possible without the man upstairs. He was there, for me, through it all; the blood, sweat, tears, and adversity.”

To win the championships, the players had to step up their game and focus on their weak points.

“To prepare to this game, we had to look back on our last game against them and right our wrongs,” Salanoa said. “During the two week preparation our practices were always up tempo. We practiced hard and had that ‘win the day’ mentality. We practiced in the stadium a couple of times to get a feel of the turf so we weren’t unfamiliar with the atmosphere when we played. We also tried to keep everything positive throughout the week so we’d have good vibes, always, even when the going got tough. That night showed that we were the kind of team that can bounce back from adversity. All we did was cross our T’s and dot our I’s.”

After winning the championships, the Rams moved on to