How to Take Care of Your Lips

Many people have dry, cracked, and dull lips, but don’t know why or how to fix it. Some people are just born with dryer lips, just like people are born with dry skin. Even so, with a little hard work there are some useful tips that will help your lips go from dry and cracked, to supple and soft.

Just like your skin, your lips need to be exfoliated regularly. There are many ways you can exfoliate your lips. You could take a toothbrush, or a damp cloth, and Vaseline and scrub the dead skin off. Or you could use a mixture of sugar and honey to create a tasty scrub for your lips. Anyway you chose to do so, make sure you exfoliate your lips about once a week.The next essential factor in having moisturized lips (which a lot of people aren’t aware of) is your body’s hydration. If you are doing everything you can to have moisturized lips but it’s just not working, try drinking more water. You may be surprised at how much better your lips will look.

Your skin has a lot of time to retain moisture overnight. If you apply a moisturizing agent on your lips, such as olive oil or Vaseline before you go to bed your lips will be really moisturized and soft in the morning.

An underlying factor in lip dryness is the sun. If your lips are exposed to the sun too much without the proper protection they are bound to crack and become dry. Just like your skin your lips can be sunburnt too. So, make sure you wear chapstick that contains SPF.

If you are having lip troubles remember simple hydration and protection can help save them. Don’t skip your SPF and give your lips a little TLC.