Meet Taylor Ward, Ram of the Quarter


While her friend Drew Ollice, junior, spends the break relaxing, junior Taylor Ward spends time during lunch studying for tests and catching up on homework. “I feel like the more prepared I am, the better I’ll do in my classes,” Ward said.

Courtney Ortega, Reporter

Meet junior Taylor Ward who is first quarter’s Ram of the Quarter.

Ward keeps herself busy balancing her responsibilities as a reporter for the school’s online publication, The RamPage, keeping up a competitive edge as a swimmer for the USA Swim Team on Hickam  Air Force Base, while taking two AP classes and maintaining a 4.1 GPA.

Disciplined when it comes to academics, Ward admits to working hard when it comes to her grades.

“I work my butt off for my grades,” Ward said. “I have a sit down and do it attitude towards all of my homework and stay up  late to get it done. One time I stayed up until five in the morning on a school night just to get everything done. I finish my homework before anything, which usually results in not having any afternoons or weekends off. There are days where I wish I didn’t care about my homework. I just want to listen to my ipod and forget about my homework, but I can’t, so I do it.”

Ward said that she feels “very happy” that her hard work is being acknowledged and was surprised when she found out that she was Ram of the Quarter.

“Even when I was in elementary school I would get frustrated over a bad mark. If I don’t get all As, I’m not doing my best,” she said. “ Anything other than my best isn’t acceptable.”