Rams Feel Effects of Supernatural

Blake Weldon, Reporter

It is that time of the year when people actually pay to be scared. While this might be a seasonal treat, for some people who are able to communicate with the supernatural, daily life takes on a different meaning.

According to Stephen Wagner, the term “poltergeist” is the German word for a noisy spirit, or, in this case, an angry ghost.  In most cases the poltergeist is attracted to a single individual and the encounter is normally a psychokinetic activity.

“I have seen them multiple times in my house. Some of them would actually stand and knock in my doorway, and laugh at me. I tried to yell at them to go away and they would tell me to shut up,” said Ashley Sumner, senior.

For freshman Joann Gruny, she could merely sense supernatural beings.

“For my sixteenth birthday, my mom took me on this ghost tour.  The first stop was the Pali Lookout.  Each stop we made you could feel them around you. Our camera wasn’t working so we looked at everyone else’s – you could see the orbs,” Gruny said. “It was so amazing.”

Although, many believe in ghosts or special hauntings, there are those who are dead set against it.

“I don’t believe that ghosts are real,”  senior, Hannah Wolf, said.  “I’ve never seen one or had an encounter with one so I have no reason to think they exist.”