Get beautiful skin for summer

Addison Jackson, Reporter

Summer is a time of bikinis, fun in the sun, and lots of skin showing. Looking its best for summertime is essential for your skin. You want it to be supple, soft, and smooth. In other words, it needs to stay super moisturized. The winter time isn’t the only time your skin needs to be hydrated. Here are some ways to wear your skin proudly this summer.Your lips are just as important and need to be moisturized daily to keep them looking their best. Finding a lip balm that you love isn’t very difficult. You want to search for one that has SPF and keeps your lips supple and soft.Exfoliation is key to having soft and radiant skin. However, you don’t want to over-do it. Only exfoliate about twice a week and when doing so, you want to be fairly gentle. The best way is to exfoliate while in the shower and after moisturize.For a summertime moisturizer, you want it to be light yet still lock in a hefty amount of moisture. The perfect moisturizer for this is Johnson’s Baby Lotion. And no, it’s not just for babies. Women can use it too for baby soft skin. Its light, absorbs quickly, very gentle, and makes your skin amazingly soft. If you don’t like the smell don’t worry it wears off but the touchable smoothness of your skin will not however.Keep your shower time down to 10 minutes or less. Also, make sure the water is lukewarm not hot. Long steamy showers can actually strip moisture away from the skin leaving it dry and tight.Stay hydrated by drinking half your bodyweight a day. Your skin needs to be moist from the inside out to be healthy. Eating lots of fruits and veggies will also help you get your water intake.
Most important of all wear sunscreen to protect your skin from permanent sun damage. The minimum recommended SPF is 30. Any lower than this and you’re risking your skin getting sun-spots and wrinkles.