Prom goers Enjoy Time Spent With Friends

Samuel Harper, Reporter

RHS’ Junior/Senior Prom was held on March 12 at the Ko’olau Ballrooms. Senior advisor Mrs. Rhoda Vuong and her leadership class planned the event, which drew a crowd of over 400 students. The prom included dancing, entertainment, and a buffet, all for $65. The event was held in the Ko’olau Ballrooms, at the foot of the mountain range that they are named after. The ballroom itself was a cavernous, beautifully decorated space, with crystal chandeliers and a wrap-around lanai. “It was my first prom,” said senior Tyler Kimball. “I liked everything about it. I enjoyed dancing with my girlfriend. I liked the atmosphere, sitting at a table with my friends. I had an, overall,  fantastic time,” said Kimball. After entertainment in the form of the senior slideshow and a musical performance by fellow Rams, prom attendees ate, then danced the night away. The music selection was mostly current club and dance hits, but there was also some old-fashioned slow dancing as well. “The dancing was really fun,” said senior LaKedra Yarborough. Aside from the dancing, students could listen to music or get their prom pictures taken. “The only thing I didn’t like was the photo lines. It took 30 minutes just to get your photo taken,”  said Tyler Kimball who paid up to $80 for his pictures. After hours of making memories, the night finally ended, and the students slowly filtered out of the grand ballroom. “Being that it was my first prom, it was pretty awesome,” said Kyle Arthur. “I’ll remember the good time spent with friends.”