Spring Brings Change in Fashion

Avery Trujillo, Reporter

Summer is right around the corner and so is a change in fashion trends. Times are changing and, it seems, so are popular styles. The 50’s are in, and that means a few vintage pieces are totally acceptable. Next time you’re shopping for a new outfit, try looking for a couple of 50’s style items.

Military jackets are very 50’s and they offer a little dimension in your outfit. You can dress your jacket up or you can still wear it casually with a nice pair of jeans.

Nautical stripes are very cute this season. There are many different styles of nautical striped shirts, dresses, and sweaters.

Try a colorblocked shirt or dress this spring season. Colorblocked pieces are very fun and they allow you to mix and match your accessories with the different colors in your outfit. Don’t be afraid to try Bohemian prints.

With summer so close, the weather is getting hotter which also means the colors are getting brighter. Keep your clothes bright and fun. Colors like peach, olive, and orange are all great choices to add a little somethin’ to your outfit. Don’t forget to accessorize using those bright options.