Peer Education Program Reaches Out About Bullying

Diego Cuadros, Reporter

The Peer Education Program was created to help students come together and teach others about important subjects, such as sexual assault, bullying, conflict resolution, and drug abuse.

“Our PEP class learns about important issues for teens,” said PEP teacher Mr. Troy Freitas, “such as drug and alcohol abuse, sexual education, bullying, and suicide via the Project Alert Program.”

“The Project Alert Program was created to help enforce the anti-drug policies necessary for successful individuals and students,” said Project ALERT instructor Mr. Mike Graney.

On Nov. 21, 2011, PEP students visited Mokulele Elementary School classrooms and presented lessons on bullying. They performed skits, asked questions, and even played games with the kids, making it not only entertaining for the elementary students, but for the presenters as well.

“Well, I was a little nervous,” said PEP student Chris Leao, junior, “but we pulled through and the presentations were awesome.”

PEP students also plan to make appearances in RHS classes.