Leadership Gives Advisers ‘Chance to Get to Know Students’

Leadership Gives Advisers Chance to Get to Know Students

Mystery Inc was the Junior leadership’s theme during homecoming week. At the assembly each leadership class was in charge of a different cartoon to portray. Freshmen were The Jetsons, Sophomores were The Smurfs, and seniors were Mario.

Attiana Collins, Editor-In-Chief

Her leadership class is like a second home for sophomore Sarah O’Neil where they’re as “close as a family.”

“My favorite thing about leadership is how close we are as a family and how no matter what I know they’re going to be there for me,” O’Neil said. “It’s a fun class, and Mr. [Grant] Takiguchi is a fantastic teacher. He teaches us life lessons and how to handle situations in a mature way. Everything that we learn in this class helps prepare us for the future.”

Using leadership training, students plan events and demonstrate leadership skills that are taught in class. Each leadership class represents a grade level and focuses on that grade level’s events. Classes participate in different school and community events.

Senior Leadership participates in schools activities such as Jump Start, Freshman Orientation, Homecoming, and school cleanups.

“At least once a month, we help out with Kau Kau wagon, where we help with making lunch and passing them out in Chinatown,” senior Leadership adviser Mrs. Rhoda Vuong said. “Students are also active with helping at the Oahu SPCA, helping with the care of abandoned dogs and cats. This year, we are also planning a giving tree with an adult home to give them necessary items during the Christmas season.”

Junior Leadership class adviser Ms. Kathleen Worden wasn’t aware of what her leadership adviser’s responsibilities entailed until she began the job.

“I didn’t really know what being a class adviser was all about,” Ms. Worden said. “It’s a lot of work, but being a mentor and developing closer relationships with my students, that’s been worth it, especially watching them grow as leaders and members of the larger community.”

Sophomore Leadership adviser Mr. Takiguchi said he believes that leadership gives the advisers “a chance to get to know the students.”

“The class, for the most part, gets to become like one big family,” Mr. Takiguchi said. “To see these students progress from year one is a joy for me. I was the adviser for the Class of 2010 for their junior and senior years. When they graduated, I decided that I wanted another class, but this time for all four years. So, last year I took the Class of 2014.”

Mr. Avi Yerlick, freshman leadership adviser, said he thinks his class “has placed a premium on leading by example.”

“All of my freshman leaders are kind and respectful to each other. I believe that we are showing the rest of the class of 2015 and the school a way to truly exercise discipline, respect and responsibility,” Mr. Yerlick said.

“Our class participates in a variety of community service events including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Honolulu, Adopt-a-School, and Aloha Run. We also use our class time to practice our leadership skills like public speaking, organization and teamwork. I believe that being the freshman Leadership adviser gives me the opportunity to help students who care about their school and community find ways to make them better. Leadership advising has also allowed me to help new students to campus and get used to the high school.”