New Boba Shop Opens Near Radford


Award-winning boba shop opens a new location near Radford to positive reviews.

Khindred Parinas, Reporter

Opening on Lawehana Street near Target, Salt Lake, is a new boba shop from one of the more notable chains in Hawaii. Teapresso has opened its 16th location on Oahu to the public during this global pandemic. This new location is near Target so that will be one of the main reasons you might possibly be seeing more Radford students there, after classes when we inevitably head back to school. When you enter you get similar vibes to other Teapresso locations with murals of various animals drinking boba done by local artist 7sketches. Expect to see a line the longer they are open and as word gets out that there is a new boba shop.  But for now, due to social distancing guidelines, there is a limit of five people in the shop at one time and it only has a soft opening until further notice. With the official soft opening on August 8th, I went last week and ordered two drinks for me to sample, recommend, and give my thoughts on.

Teapresso Milk Tea

Possibly their most notable drink that was also one of the top choices under their popular section when I ordered via Doordash. I recommend ordering this with light ice because when I ordered I had more ice than milk tea but the milk tea was great. Their famous boba is also included in this drink, boba is a tapioca ball that is also known as boba that usually accompanies milk tea and other smoothie flavors. Theirs was great and almost better than the usual boba that is given at other boba shops. I recommend this drink if you like milk tea and boba.

Lava Flow Smoothie

I also ordered this going off of the popular section in Doordash that was one of the drinks at the top. If you are asking what even is a lava flow, it is a smoothie mixture with pina colada and strawberry. This was very sweet but also very good. I’ve personally never had a lava flow considering its a very popular drink almost as a tourist attraction here in Hawaii because we have volcanoes. But it certainly was one of the best lava flows I’ve had. I recommend this drink if you are not in the mood for boba but are in the mood for a sweet drink.

If you are looking for a quick drink after school or in the neighborhood Teapresso lives up to its expectations of the multiple locations and various five-star reviews. With boba being a more popular drink among the youth nowadays you can expect more Radford students and boba connoisseurs to frequent. You can visit for their hours and menu or Instagram at @teapressobarsaltlake for updates to the business where they recently did a giveaway for three eco-friendly boba cups and straws.