Culinary program offers in-school dining experience


Freshman English students had a chance to dine in at the Sweet and Salty Restaurant in room 115 and watch their food being prepared. Ryan Reyes-Tungpalan (12) prepares an acai bowl ($5) for a customer, while Aidyl Legaspina (11) cooks fried rice ($4.50) at her station. Meanwhile, Gary Gamboa (12) and Ritchie Nakai (11) work together to cook the spam for the musubis ($1.50). Culinary Arts teacher Jamie Kahalewai has been running the restaurant for 16 years. “Please be patient with us as it is a learning environment for our students,” she said.

The RamPage Staff, Reporters

restaurantfriedriceFirst year Culinary students are putting their cooking skills to the test, by hosting and running an in-school restaurant in Room 115.

During third quarter, interested teachers placed reservations through Career Technical Education teacher Jamie Kahalewai, and dates were assigned for classes to dine at the student run restaurant. Customers were required to pre-order their meals, and have their cash ready when they came in to eat.

Meals ranged from $1.50 for a spam musubi and up to $6.50 for a garlic chicken plate. Customers could also order one of their signature dishes, like fried rice for $4.50.

Junior Jacob Knoll said that he likes fried chicken, but never tried curry. He ordered the chicken katsu curry, and said he would order it again.

“It was pretty good, and not at all spicy,” he said.

Each class is responsible for naming their class restaurant, and coming up with a menu. Period 1 is Breakfast Club, Period 4 is Sweet and Salty and Period 6 is Mystereee.

Kahalewai said that students learn teamwork, organization, perseverance, working under pressure, and hopefully how to be efficient.

Kahalewai has been running an in-school restaurant for 16 years, since school year 1998-1999. “This year, we started on Feb. 19.”

“Please be patient with us as it is a learning environment for our students,” Kahalewai said.