Disney Representative Creates Positive Aura


Aulani Disney Resort & Spa is located in Ko’ Olina. The Resort focuses on celebrating Hawaii’s culture as well as Disney’s own. “Here you can find all sorts of happiness,” said Disney representative Marilyn Morrison.

Sam Nguyen, Reporter

Disney representative Marilyn Morrison wants people to know how happy she is at her job.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Morrison aspired to make it big in Hollywood as a dancer. With a determined heart, Morrison strived to make a name for herself. She first started working for Disney as a dancer and now, she runs the shows.

Her appearance at Radford High School’s annual Career Day on Jan. 14 inspired her teen audience to be artists.

“Any art is great art,” Morrison said, “whether you’re a dancer, a singer, a writer, someone who draws, you’re all artists and I hope you know that.”

Morrison believes strongly in positivity as she wanted to share hers as well as her career. “The people at Disney are always happy. We strive to put smiles on everyone’s faces,” Morrison said, encouragingly.

Before transferring to the Aulani, Morrison work at the Disney Resort in Florida for 22 years. “It’s a happy place to be,” she said. “It’s a great thing to do.”

Education is  important to Morrison. She recommends students attend art schools and to take artistic credits in high school. She even recommends that the students go to the Disney University in Florida which is a four year program for “Disney driven people.”

Morrison gladly gave her eager students some job opportunities – audition papers for the roles of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. “Take each opportunity,”  Morrison said. “It’ll get you to the top.”

“Just remember that you gotta get your foot in the door,” Morrison said on the topic of striving for jobs. “Whatever feels right inside, go do it.”