Home School vs. Public School: Which Offers More Advantages?


Last school year, 14 students left campus to home-school and 27 left campus for another form of alternative education. Over 2.04 million students are enrolled in homeschooling.

Hannah Rios, Reporter

According to Tim Parker, in his article “Home-school or Public School,” homeschooling has always been a controversial topic in the debate over which schooling method offers the best education.

“The results of homeschooling are generally better,” states Parker. “The largest drawback mentioned by opponents of homeschooling is that kids are lacking in socialization once they enter college, but studies have found that in all markers of social and psychological health home-schoolers are no less socialized than other children. Just like public schools, the quality of the homeschooling experience depends on the drive and motivation of the teacher.”

According to Fred Salanoa, counselor, 14 students left campus to to be home-schooled last year, and 27 left campus for another form of alternative education. Homeschooling, he said, puts education in the hands of the parents.

“The parent needs to show proof that they are educating their child,” Mr. Salanoa said. “The process to transfer is not very hard,  you just have to fill out an Exception to Compulsory Education 4140 form and get it signed by the principal and the superintendent.”

Freshman Daniel Wintill, who is homeschooled in Hawaii, likes that he doesn’t have a set bell schedule at home, because it make his days more flexible. Wintill’s classes are online during the day and, according to him, there’s more homework that goes along with it.

“When my family comes to town, I’m able to switch the days that I work and unlike public schools, I don’t have a set schedule for the week,” Wintill said. “You get to the choose the hours you work, and you can do other things during the day and work later in the afternoon. Often this helps with sports and other activities.”

During the week homeschoolers attend a co-op program, where they meet up and get a week’s worth of assignments. Tyler Roberts*, a junior, describes the curriculum as centered around your own personal learning style.

“Based on your ability to comprehend the information given, you can advance through the courses during different times of the school year,” Roberts said. “Whereas in public school students are forced to stay in line with the daily benchmarks given to the class.”

Roberts and Wintill both agree that there are both positives and negatives to the system of home education.

“The positives are being able to flex my time around different things. Also working is easier without so much time consumption during the day,” said Roberts. “But there
are negatives to things such as social interaction. Unlike public school where people are all grouped together on a daily basis, its harder to find friends. You have to actively search and it’s not always as easy.”

Roberts said that although he would enjoy going for the ability to play sports, he is more comfortable where he is and that the education system is better and more personalized when you are homeschooled.

Alex Golden a junior, prefers homeschooling due to the environment in public schools.

“Through homeschooling I’m able to learn what everyone else is learning but can focus on the things I personally don’t understand,” Golden said. “Whereas in public schools, teachers have to meet a deadline (midterms) and are unable to take the time to focus on one detail. Also the environment of public schools isn’t what I want to be around everyday. The inability to express yourself without worry about what other people think and seeing people being bullied or outcasted for being different doesn’t happen in homeschooling. In homeschooling, you teach yourself how to be a self-directed learning early on and this can help you with college skills. Not only that, but you have more time to attend activities, like youth groups, during the day.”


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