Freshmen Prepare for Homecoming


Algeo Rosario, Reporter

Each year brings new students, new freshmen, and new homecoming themes. This year the freshman class’ homecoming theme is Dr. Seuss “Green Eggs and Ham”.

Freshman class President Jordan Abanto and his peers are, according to class adviser Ms. Chelsea DaValle, “working hard to make sure everything is finished on time.”

“The only challenge now is the time before homecoming starts,” Ms. Davalle said. “I want my students to stay on track and continue to produce work, so homecoming can be a wonderful experience for everyone. Right now we’re focusing on decorations, banners, and shields for the parade, and the skit for the homecoming assembly.”

Homecoming week starts Monday, Sept. 17 with dress up day, Blast From the Past, and continues on until Sept. 21. The homecoming dance is on Sept. 22, at the Hale Ikena Ballroom on Fort Shafter.

“My goal is to get the freshmen into the Radford spirit,” Ms. Davalle said. “Radford is very much like a family and I would love for the freshmen to adopt and take part in all the traditions here at Radford.”

In addition, Mrs. Davalle said that she would love for them to know their freshman cheer.