SkillsUSA Prepares Youth of Today


Hannahleigh Rios, Reporter

SkillsUSA is a national organization that has teachers and students working together to help young people prepare for the workforce. Advisers work to make sure that the youth of today are equipped with skills that Americans need to move forward in their lives.

Their motto is “Preparing for leadership in the world of work.” Because of this, students who are part of the organization are gaining the competence to help and support others and become leaders themselves. Through this program, students have gained national recognition for their skills and talents, and have brought home gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Over 5,500 students from every state in three territories competed and the gold medal winner advanced to the national championships held this past summer. Hali Olivia Wilson placed fifth in Job Skill Demonstration and Jammie Lee Go placed 24th in Advertising Design.

Graphic Communications teacher Lane Yokoyama said, “This club is a fun student leadership run organization on campus.”

Recently the club has taken part in repainting the graphics building while teaming up with Bank of Hawaii. Also, they put their graphic skills to use creating stickers to put on the bleachers. Their next upcoming project is volunteering at the Food bank in October.