Music Review: Honey Cocaine Disrespects Women

Music Review: Honey Cocaine Disrespects Women

Sochitta Sal is A.K.A Canadian rap artist, Honey Cocaine. She first started out rapping as a hobby then transformed it into an actual career.

Kiki Gilkey, Reporter

Rap music originated in the 1970s and started off as a very artistic and cultural form of music.  However, it has slowly but surely evolved into a very degrading, disrespectful and ignorant genre. Rap artists today tend to only speak about “getting money” and  “girls with large butts and tiny waists.” Unfortunately, even female rap artists degrade themselves and encourage this to continue.  In fact, Canadian rap artist “Honey Cocaine” is a prime example of a female rap artist who is exploiting herself and other women.

The following lyrics are from her song “B*tch Please”  and are pretty much self explanatory.

“I’m at the club, all yellow like a taxi
B*tches all love the sh*t, catch you when you catch me
F**k it, then where the cash be, money like an athlete
If you acting like star then get the b*tches a cab please

Like, like b*tches please”

“F**k a p***y a** sl*t, I’m a star, bro
I’m a queen and I ain’t got a heart, bro
So if you ain’t gon’ end it, don’t start yo
Now I’ll get the money and you play your part, ho”

All of the profanity and foul language are completely unnecessary, especially from a young and beautiful female. Honey Cocaine blatantly disrespects and belittles females in her music. It’s ridiculously ignorant of her to use such offensive language and it absolutely classless. I thought we were past all of the disrespectful abuse aimed at women.

I can’t believe this is what rap music has come to. I hate to say it but this is probably the only way she will become a successful female rap artist and this type of lyrics is what will sell records. It’s the sad reality of being a female hip hop artist.