Movie Review: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Leaves Fans Wanting More


In this scene, she learns that her heart might give out before she has a chance to give birth. Using visual effects, Bella is gaunt and pale to show how her pregnancy is ravaging her body.

The Newlyweds
In this scene from the movie, newlyweds Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon on Isle Esme. "Breaking Dawn" is the fourth movie from the final novel in the "Twilight" series. Making its debut on Nov. 18, the movie has grossed over $500 million worldwide.

After months of anticipating the opening day for the first part to the last movie in the Twilight Saga, “Breaking Dawn, ” it finally came. My mom and I planned to see the movie  the day after it opened, but, on the way to school on Friday we had a blowout and went to see the movie after getting the car repaired. It was, obviously, the better choice than going to school for a serious “Twilight” fan like myself.

If you haven’t read the books, here’s a breakdown of how things go: vampire Edward Cullen and human Isabella Swan get married.  The newlyweds are on their honeymoon and after only two weeks Bella discovers that she’s pregnant.

Viewers see the otherwise unflappable Edward at a loss over what to do when it comes to his wife’s pregnancy. The poised, graceful act was out the window, and for just a moment, his human side surfaces when he learns of Bella’s pregnancy, he freezes.

As a human carrying a potential vampire baby, Bella’s pregnancy is a rare phenomenon. Frightened for Bella’s well being, Edward wants to terminate the baby before it has a chance to hurt her.  Now, keep in mind that she’s only been pregnant for a month yet her stomach belies an accelerated progression in the pregnancy.  The make-up artists did a believable job bringing the descriptions of her gauntness in the book to life. The make-up work, on a whole, in this movie was better than previous movies. Bella looked liked she belonged in a cemetery, six feet under.

Spoiler alert:  Jacob finally finds some justice in the love department falling for the last person he expects. Then, in the last scene, as Bella’s corpse lays on a table, after giving birth, she suddenly opens her eyes to reveal a pair of red eyes.

The entire theater groaned when the credits started to roll, probably hoping that they would get to see more. This was the best of the four films and leaves the “Twilight” community awaiting the transformation of the average Isabella Swan into vampiric magnificence.

It was hands down better than the rest of the saga. The acting surpassed the first movie and I  finally saw Edward actually yell at her. The best part of this film was actually getting to see more of the wolves, and a compassionate side of Leah, a werewolf. I can’t wait until part two comes out in November 2012; hopefully, it fills the gigantic shoes this one left behind.