Patriots Make Super Bowl History

Trevor Land, Reporter

On, Feb. 5, New England Patriots faced the Atlanta Falcons in Houston, Texas for Super Bowl LI.  Patriots won the Super Bowl with 34-28, in the first ever Super Bowl overtime.

The most valuable player of the game is Tom Brady, for his success as quarterback and with mounting a comeback in the second half.

Pre-game interviews with Patriots showed that Brady was well prepared to play for his 5th Super Bowl ring. He already had rings from Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, and he was the Super Bowl MVP for three of them.

While Patriots fans are ecstatic to see their team in the playoffs again, other NFL fans are bored with seeing them in the Super Bowl, as they have the most Super Bowl appearances out of every NFL team with 9.   

Brady also broke a few game records, consisting of most completions in Super Bowl history with 43 and most passing yards in a game with 466, and those are just in that game. He broke other records with his Super Bowl career, one of those being most Super Bowl appearances by a player with 7, most completions by a quarterback with 207, most passing yards with 2,071 and most touchdown passes with 15.

Social studies teacher Corey Allen said that he watched the Super Bowl mainly to just watch it, and he really did not care who won the game.

He said that  he would have preferred the Falcons to win due to the underdog factor that they brought in.

“I expected the Patriots to win, but not in the fashion they did,” Allen said.

Before the end of the first half everyone believed that Patriots actually were blown out because the score was 21-3, with the Falcons leading. When the third quarter started and the Falcons scored again everyone was certain that the game was over since they led 28-3. Some people probably believed that Patriots would come back because like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers,  Brady could not be counted out. Brady came back in the fourth and rallied 19 points to tie the game for the first ever overtime Super Bowl.

Patriots were really lucky and won the coin toss. As a result, they received the ball for a chance to win right off the bat. After traveling downfield and in range of a touchdown, James White ran the final two yards for the touchdown and the Super Bowl victory.

This win not only gave Brady a fifth win, but it gave Coach Bill Belichick his seventh throughout his career and fifth as the New England coach. Belichick entered the Patriots organization in 2000, the same year that Brady was drafted. This shows what a real dynamic duo the two are.

Teacher Garvin Tsuji was satisfied with the outcome because it was a close game and not a complete blowout.

He said, “I wasn’t really going for a team, but just looking for a good game.”

He expected the Patriots to win because “you can’t count out Tom Brady.”

Tsuji also does not believe his team the Pittsburgh Steelers could have beaten the Falcons, as he felt the Falcons had fate on their side.

Looking towards the next season with hope and vengeance, the Falcons are ready for the upcoming season.

Wide receiver Julian Edelman makes an insane diving catch for completion after the ball bounces off a safetiy’s lower leg.The 23-yard gain was the setup play that allowed the game tying touchdown to force overtime. “It was one of the greatest catches I’ve ever seen,” Tom Brady told a CNN reporter. Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe