Bowling Team Rolls into Ram History

Alexia Gardner, Reporter

Radford’s bowling team made school history when they made it to states.

“When my coach [Rudy Aurio] told the team that we made it to states with six girls, I was extremely happy and excited because it was the first time in Radford history that our bowling team made it to states,” Arianna Clouse (9) said.

Students reasons for joining bowling vary. Some joined to learn a new set of skills, or enhance their current bowling skills, or just to be involved in a school activity.

“I joined the bowling team because it was something that I grew up doing,” Clouse said.

What teammates also pick up is friendship. Although it is, for the most important, a sport for individuals, members relish the encouragement and support from teammates.

“I’ve enjoyed the sport and I’ve made many friends from it,” Clouse said.

Because of time spent in practices, and in games and tournaments, members inevitable get to know each other.         

“When we actually get to go out to eat or go do something as real friends, it just helps us bond more,” Clouse said.

Their bonding outside of the sport allows them to “gain more of each others  trust, so on the lanes we trust them with our bowling, and believe that they are trying their hardest to help your game so you can do the best of your ability,” Clouse said.

Playing at the state level is  nerve-wracking, especially for the freshmen who experienced their first state championship.

“I was excited I made it at all,” Peyton Gonzalez (9) said. “ Not only am I a freshman, but there are so many other great bowlers out there.”

Each team member brings something different to the table, and each one of their individual strengths is what makes this season’s team different from those of the past.

“I think some strengths of being a team member are being able to cheer each other on, help each other out when they aren’t doing so well and because it helps because we can tell each other what mistakes they made,” Richard Armstrong (10) said.

No matter what pressure they experienced in the games, each member placed their faith in each other because they trusted each other

“First of all, my team never gave up,” Ciana Pelekai (11)said. “They always put their hard work and effort into their bowling, and we just believed in each other. That’s why we made it as a team.”