Runners Lose Track

Alex Fajardo, Reporter

As track season approaches, something will be missing from the team. It’s not an OIA champion or a veteran coach, it’s the track.

The  school’s uneven dirt track is being renovated and won’t be ready until the 2015-2016 season.

“I really wish they would have done it earlier,” freshman David Weatherill said, about the renovation.

At this time, track members are practicing at Moanalua High School’s track, making it a struggle to find a way to and from practices. Freshman Ian Yancey said, “People usually show up either right on time or late.”

On the other hand, freshman Gabby Rivera sees this experience with an indifference. “It doesn’t really bother me,” he said. “It is kind of fun having practice at a new place though.”

There were even those, like sophomore Owen Woelper, who saw the loss of a track as a positive.  “The adaption of having to deal with Radford’s track built really shows our adversity in situations like these. Running alongside our bitter rival really helps us, nevertheless Radford will continue to dominate as a relentless track team.”