Lady Rams Pass, Set, Spike to Victory

Cassidy Wright, Reporter

After weeks of repetitive drills, conditioning, and practicing up to seven hours a week, the Lady Rams were ready to take on, in their first match of the regular season, the Pearl City Chargers at Pearl City’s home.

In the first match of the night, the Lady Rams of Blue Varsity fell behind in the beginning of the first set, but the girls pulled ahead nine consecutive serves later.

With six points behind the Rams,  the team kept the lead and closed out the first set with a win. The Blue Varsity team went on to win the second set, resulting in their first win of the regular season.

“It was a good game,” said senior Selena Aina, who had the nine consecutive serves in the first set. “Our team was positive and encouraging.”

In contrast, in the second match of the afternoon, the junior varsity team kept the points close with the Chargers in the first set. However, they fell in two sets and lost the match.

In reference to the game, Junior Varsity assistant coach Christine Bette said, “We learned a lot from this match and the experience will make us a stronger team for the rest of our season.”

Freshman Kiara Nelson-Brown, who plays libero on the Junior Varsity, said, “I feel like my team could’ve been better if we were more motivated.”

Varsity Lady Rams won their first set of the season but the Pearl City Chargers proved to be too much for them in the second set coming back to win. However, the match was not over since the third set was still to be played. Although the Lady Rams stayed close in the beginning of the third set, the girls lost their first match of the season.

“It was a good game, but we just had a lot of small errors,” said junior Megan Malepeai.

Malepeai and her teammates showed positive moods after the match, despite the lost.