Varsity Football Wins Against Oregon Team

Frenchie Brisley, Reporter

The varsity football team left for their first mainland game in Oregon and returned victorious with a 21-17 win against Crescent Valley High School.

“When we won, I felt so much joy and happiness to know that all of that hard work and time we put in from the off season to the trip itself had paid off,” said Semaia Salanoa, who plays center on the team. “It’s an amazing feeling.”

Varsity players and coaches left on Aug. 29 and returned on Sept. 9. While in Oregon, the team kept themselves busy. “We were given the privilege to tour and watch the practices of Oregon, Oregon State and Portland State,” said Salanoa.

It was with the assistance from Mckinley High School’s coaching staff that the Rams took advantage of going on this trip. Coaches said they hoped to build stronger bonds between the players and the coaches. “We have a really good group this year,” said Coach Michael Jose.

“We’ve been practicing hard and making sure our grades are kept up by by holding study halls on a regular basis,” said Coach Jose.

Semaia Salanoa said that he knew that the players they were going up against are very skilled so he had to practice technique in order to get a feel of how they play.

The team also carved out some down time in their busy schedule. “We also went shopping,” said Salanoa. The day before the game, the Rams had a barbeque with the opposing team.

With a current 3-0 record, winning games against Pearl City and Roosevelt, the varsity team expects to continue their streak throughout their season. Daily practices run from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Their next game is scheduled Sept. 14 against Waialua High School.